Is Sitting the New Smoking??

I hope this blog entry finds you all safe and well. It is the purpose of this blog to provide you with information you can use to maximize your good health. In previous entries (which are all still available) we have looked at the effects of unhealthy eating, hormonal changes, poor sleep, and too muchContinue reading “Is Sitting the New Smoking??”

Don’t Let COVID-19 Make You Unhealthy

From what I read on social media, a lot of you have given in to the notion that this order to stay home will inevitably lead to weight gain which can wreak havoc on your overall health.. I for one am determined not to let that happen. I am healthier and fitter now than IContinue reading “Don’t Let COVID-19 Make You Unhealthy”


I haven’t made an entry into this blog for a few months due to a series of personal and family struggles. As I continue to navigate the waters of grieving the loss of both my mother and my husband, I am now joined by all of you as we are grieving the loss of lifeContinue reading “STAYING HEALTHY IN TIMES OF CRISIS: Updated (3/20/20)”

Love the Foods That Love You Back

When it comes to using food to help you lose weight and/or just be healthier, there can be a lot of confusion about what constitutes the healthiest eating plan. Patients have expressed to me how they are hesitant to try eating a healthy diet because there is so much conflicting information out there. When itContinue reading “Love the Foods That Love You Back”

KETO Is Not a Dirty Word

Most of us who have struggled with weight and health issues have heard of the ketogenic or “keto” diet. I have had several patients recently ask me if I “believe in Keto” as if it were some disreputable underground movement. Opinions about this dietary strategy are all over the map. Countless articles on the internetContinue reading “KETO Is Not a Dirty Word”