Junk Food Challenge Update for February

Today marks 3 weeks since I first posted the “Junk Food Challenge.” How is everyone doing? Since today starts a new month, I am inviting others to join in and take it to the next level by avoiding the processed “white carbs” altogether (white rice, pasta, potatoes, etc.) as well as CORNBREAD! These foods just turn to sugar once you eat them! Who is with me?



  1. I’m in…. I am willing myself to do this! I’m looking forward to watching the results evolve.

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    1. So am I. I can be your accountability partner in the struggle. This is my second month doing it and some of the things I used to love don’t even tempt me. The food I love the most is fried chicken and it felt so empowering to pass it up yesterday! It gets easier every week!


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